Friday, January 04, 2013

The Eyes Have It

Re: Sean

Molly, I received something this morning which confirms your doubts. Meet me at aluminum tree in the sculpture garden 5ish? And bring the clearest photo you have of Sean's face. 

Mrs. R


Re: Re: Sean 

I'll be there, 5 it is.


   On the sculpture garden plaza Mrs. Robinson found Molly looking at an image of Sean on her iPad.

   "Molly! You found a shot of Sean? Good. Let's go inside. I have something to show you."

   The women went into the pavilion and got coffee before they sat down. Mrs. Robinson opened her folder which contained some papers and a couple of photographs.

   "Molly, zoom in and look at the right eye of Sean in your photo and give me an approximate position of the brown flecks in his iris—as if they were numbers on a clock face."

   "I see a small one at two o'clock, a larger one at 7 and another small one between 9 and ten."

   "Now, look at this enlarged section of the photo I received as an image file today. The right eye."

   "They are they same."

   "Now look at the other eye."

   "The same pattern is on each eye in both photographs."

   "And now look at this—the full image—and tell me what you see."

   "It's Sean, sitting in a cafe, in the daytime, holding a foreign newspaper up to his face."

   "It's Icelandic. Now look at the date on the paper."

   "It says 5 Maí, this year."

   "The morning after Sean was supposedly killed. You are right, he's alive."

   "Where did you get this?"

   "It was in a memory chip, hidden in a greeting card, mailed from Reykjavík on the 5th - look for yourself." Mrs. Robinson handed Molly the card.

   "Not dead yet. Your eyes only. Wait for instructions.  What does it mean, Mrs. Robinson? Why hasn't Sean called or at least sent us an email? "

   "I'm not certain why, but the body in the morgue isn't Sean's.  How did you know it wasn't, Molly?"

   "There is a scar on Sean's chest just above his heart, from a bite mark I gave him once."

   "Oh my. That would usually be too much information, but I'll make an exception in this case. I've got too much information as well, information which was also on the SD card.  It may explain who is behind this situation, but I am not at liberty to talk about that. We need to go back to the morgue—make them do a dental record check—I'll tell them that the company's life insurance policy requires it. That may buy us enough time to find out what has happened to Sean."

   As she spoke, Mrs. Robinson's phone began to buzz. She read the text message from the office:

  Breaking news- Billy C stabbed- TV is all over it- pls advise...

   "Molly, we may find out sooner than I thought. Pull up a news feed on your iPad."


By Professor Batty