Sunday, August 01, 2004


   At the mayor's fundraiser, the woman who runs the historical society came over and talked with us. Whenever the people of our town get together, the talk always seems to turn to houses. Our town is, for Minnesota, an old town, and many of the houses have a long and colorful history. Last month the society had a "ghost tour" of old houses that supposedly had had spectral visitations. The historical society director mentioned that one of the participants in the tour had made a "spirit picture" of some apparition while on the tour.

   Now that may or may not be so, but I started thinking about these houses. If there are ghosts, they would be here. I heard several stories of people who lived in the same house all their lives, as did their parents before them. The street names taken from our city founders still have people living here with like monikers. Is there no trace of these people? Why not have a few "restless souls" patrolling our city, our homes, our closets and attics? If there is an occasional unexplained bump in the night, so much the better. And on Halloween, let the spirits rejoice!

By Professor Batty


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