Monday, September 27, 2004

Intimacy Issues

"… you must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss…"
   It happened again.

   At a party Saturday night. A most agreeable affair, with intelligent, attractive people of various backgrounds. As it was winding down I paid my respects to the hosting couple. And then came the hug and the kiss from the feminine half of this duo. I didn't panic this time, but just wondered what was I to do? No, I didn't kiss her back. I returned her hug, and gave her a wan smile. This woman, who I know but a little, is listed in Webster's dictionary (with a picture) under the entry for "sweetheart". Was it that if I did kiss her back my primal urges would be unchained, and we would be lost in a morass of unbridled passion? I think not. I just am not comfortable kissing someone whose name is not on my marriage certificate (yes, I know there is a witnesses' name on it - and I am OK with kissing her!) Unless it is for shock value - and that's gotten me into plenty of trouble over the years!

   It was probably for the best. I just couldn't make it in the jet set. No ciaó, baby - kiss - kiss. How about a handshake? Or a formal bow? Maybe I could blow a kiss?


By Professor Batty


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Woh. Amazing stuff here. Will drop in more often.

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