Sunday, September 26, 2004


   As I was working on some of the older archives (from my show biz days) I came across an old tape that I hadn't heard for over 25 years. It was recorded on a different format; I had to make a conversion before I could hear it at the proper speed. There he was, his voice anyway, right in front of me like it was happening now for the first time. His impeccable sense of timing; his heartfelt emotion always at 100%.

   The night he left the band he came over to my house and sobbed in my arms, wordlessly. Since he had been a kid he was always performing. But our scene was, like all struggling musicians', on the brink of chaos and self-destruction. He had to make a hard choice. He and his family moved out west and made a new life for themselves. It was a hard life, but I think he made the right choice.

   Sometimes the glory is in the mundane.

By Professor Batty


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