Sunday, October 17, 2004


Most of the year, Minnesota is reasonably temperate. From March through December, the weather is tolerable, maybe a little warm (and humid) in the summer, but for the most part easily coped with by the wearing of appropriate apparel. Last night we got the first real frost, just a little warning of the winter to come, just enough to jar me out of my daily routine. When the cold weather does come, it always makes me wonder: “What am I doing living here?” If I lived in the tropics, or Southern California, I wouldn’t need to have a special set of winter-only clothes, snow shovels or deal with snow emergencies. It would probably feel like cheating, not having to suffer the effects of the cold.

Oh, I guess I’ll grumble about the weather, but I’ll put up with it. It keeps me humble. And there are no mosquitoes. Maybe I”ll take a winter vacation this year - Cancun, St. Croix, Virgin Islands? Mmm… I know the perfect place - Iceland!

By Professor Batty


Blogger Little Miss Loopy said...

Hmmm... at the moment there are rescue workers helping out people in the east of the country because they are stuck here and there in the bad weather. In the westmann islands the rooftops of the houses are just flying off and we are talking about proper houses built to survive all the earthquakes we get here. 30 people were taken to a hospital after a bus was swept off the road by the wind, just outside of Reykjavík. All domestic flight is down, in the southeast the electricity is out, the scandinavian ferry that stops in Seydisfjordur can't get there and even here in Reykjavik something big came flying at my window last night and scared the hell out of me. It's October, it's just the beginning of the winter. Yes you are right, Iceland is perfect ;)

Blogger Professor Batty said...

So nice to get your weather report! I really miss them. (and you.) If I had the means I'd go to Iceland once a month...the weather sounds delightful!

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