Sunday, October 31, 2004

Please Hold

"Please hold for an important message from the Bush-Cheney re-election committee..."

   I was interrupted during my quality family time today (pumpkin carving!} by a political phone call. The nerve of it all. And the topper was that it wasn't some person who, for God knows what reason, sincerely believed that their phone call would make one bit of difference to me - it was a recording. And the recording was telling me to wait for another recording! Well I have been on hold. I have been on hold for four years. On hold for an economic recovery. On hold for the planning of my retirement (if I will ever be able to retire). On hold for something to be done about the real threat of Arab Fundamentalism. I'm on hold. Nothing is happening. No one is accepting responsibility for four years of incompetence. I am already waiting. There is no need to put me on hold.
I think I've already got the message.

By Professor Batty


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