Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Three Kids

"Now its fall, just the nicest time of all..." - Lois Lenski
   A beautiful fall day, out here on the Minnesota Prairie. Out for a bike ride amidst glowing trees, perfect skies, the geese gathering into flocks, even the Monarch butterflies are picking up a little last minute nectar before their migration. People are out and about, getting things ready for winter, clearing out last year's garden, just a glorious day to be alive. I head for home, and as I near it I see that the little kids across the street are sitting on their front steps. No doubt planning an adventure, or resting from a game of hop-scotch. I slow down, and I am a little bit saddened by what I see. Three kids, probably four or five years of age, are outdoors on this wonderful day. They are playing. Game Boy. Each has their own. No talking, no interaction. No awareness of the world around. Little kids, who will soon be in school, soon to leave the direct experience of reality behind, lost behind a fog of ersatz reality. This great day is lost to these tykes  forever.

   Satan is real.

By Professor Batty


Blogger Beautiful_Stranger said...

Yes, *sigh*, sad it is when kids don't know how to be kids. A jar of bees..a can of worms...a kite on a windy day, or hopscotch. Few of them ever have the pleasure -but ask them about the lingo on MSN or the characters on "Sponge Bob" or "The Simpsons"...Sad...so sad!

Blogger Comica said...

I remember when I was little. I didn't have any Gameboys, but I did play Super Nintendo. However, when fall came, I forgot about anything more technologically advanced that a stick, and I was always outside. I used to dance under two chestnut trees, and wait until they were ready to drop.

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