Saturday, November 20, 2004

Mary and Will

   Just got back from a gig. A folkie-style act, Myrtle Jean and the Bubs, with the two main stalwarts being Mary and Will. I ran their sound, just for fun. The fun of it was hearing two people, married for years, make beautiful music together. Mary writes and sings the songs, and plays guitar and a little banjo. Will takes the lead parts on guitar, with some dobro thrown in. Mary's songs are all from the heart, pretty well done, not a false note of emotion in them. Will had both classical and blues training, and complements Mary's style perfectly. It is more than music, it is love. It is so much fun to watch people in love make music together, because making music is an act of love, and a couple can another dimension to it.

   This may be their final hurrah, or just a hiatus for this group. I felt that I had to run sound for them, this one last time, to be a small part of their love.

By Professor Batty


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