Saturday, December 18, 2004

Lesbians taking over the world?

I was sitting at work last night, enjoying a slice of pizza, with a co-worker who can easily be labeled as very odd. He was reading an article in the trashiest of the Icelandic newspapers about this girl who hooked up with a boy with a very small penis. Evidently the girl felt as she had suffered from this experience and decided to write about every little detail in her encounter with the ill equipped man. My weird co-worker found it hilarious and wanted to share his joy with me and read some of it out loud to me. I didn’t find it quite as funny and told him: I will deny it to my death that I ever said this as I am the official spokeswoman of the inner pigness of men but I swear to god that sometimes I think women are worse.

He looked at me in disbelieve as if he was wondering if those words had really come from my mouth. Then he said he had actually learned about these things in psychology and asked me if I wanted to hear the theory he had studied. I was all up for it since I am sincerely interested in everything regarding the interaction between the two sexes. In so many words, this was his theory:
 Well, uhhh, when girls hit puberty they don't realize that they have to start to behave differently with their male friends than they used to. So they still behave the same around them and confide in them with the same issues as before. Except the boys don't just want to be friends with them anymore and use every opportunity to score. The girls then become very bitter when they find out about the situation and start focusing on their relationships with their girlfriends. And that is why the number of women turning to other women is increasing incredibly fast. In a few years all women will become lesbians.

The first thing that came into mind was what bullshit school did he go to? The second thing was hmm... actually, I do that. I don’t realize that my male friends are male and in the end they can’t have friends that are girls without at least thinking about sleeping with them. There may be some truth to this weird theory of his but I refuse to believe that the next stage for me, after the Men are pigs one, will be lesbianity. As I said before, it's not just men that act like idiots, people in general act like idiots.

In conclusion I have to say that sitting down to eat that slice of pizza sure did bring up a lot of interesting questions. Why are men the way they are? Why are women the way they are? Why do I have emotional maturity of a adolescence girl when it comes to men? And maybe the most important question of all, where the hell can I sign up for that psychology class? Looks like a pretty wacky place.

By Little Miss Loopy