Tuesday, January 18, 2005


... the latest development from Flippist Industries© - The first release of a wonderful new wine - Chateaú de Battí. After years of experimentation, the kindly professor has developed a hearty, robust vino sure to please both the expert and amateur wine lover. With strong notes of ginger, mango and onion, this complex red holds unlimited potential for the discerning palate. Grown from wild grape stock in Anoka’s feral cat preserve, the cats patrol the vines, keeping it free of predators and adding their own ‘little something’ to the mix. With a long, lingering finish, punctuated by flavors of cumin, cocoa puffs and burning rubber, make sure that your next get-together includes this delightful ice-breaker. Remember - If it's Battí it's non-poisonous! (mostly)

Government warning: do not operate machinery, drive or attempt your John Travolta impersonation while under the influence of this beverage. Manufacturer will not be held liable for outcome of karaoke contests or any unwanted pregnancies while under its influence.

By Professor Batty


Blogger lab munkay said...

"Slurp slurp slurrrp, mmm burns so goo- ACK CAN'T SEE TO TYP{"

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