Monday, January 24, 2005

Bawlin' Neumann

   Let me watch any corny old movie, a movie where stifled love finally emerges triumphant, - watch my river flow. Come from behind sports events, where the player in question has had hard times and finally wins big - watch me weep. Poignant television commercials with knowing looks, granpa can play with the grandkids again 'cuz he's on a new kind of dope - I turn on the waterworks. I always wondered about that.

   One day I was talking with my aunt Marianne about it, and she just laughed. "You are a bawlin' Neumann - we're all like that. The Neumann's were my father's mother's folk, a big bunch of sentimental crybabies. I certainly didn't get it from my mothers side (that's where the chronic low-grade depression comes from.) So pass me a Kleenex when Sam in Casablanca plays "As Time Goes By - it's just my defective gene expressing itself.

By Professor Batty


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