Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Second Chance

   How many times have I hit it off with someone effortlessly? Not many. I sometimes (usually) come on too strong, sometimes the other person is too shy, sometimes the mood is wrong, who knows? Maybe it was my horoscope? But with most people that I deal with on a regular basis, some kind of accommodation works itself out after a while. When someone that you have been civil with, even pleasant but distant suddenly opens up the experience can be overwhelming. Everybody has their own inner demons, and we all deal with them as best we are able. Respecting another's struggle without judgement or rancor can give each of us a second chance. And a chance is all any of us get - in love, in life, for a day or two of happiness.

   We can ask for no more. We should give no less.

By Professor Batty


Blogger Lady of the lake said...

A second chance: Wonderfully put, sometimes hard to actually do, but something to always strive for. Wonderful post Professor.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Second chances are a rare gift indeed. Often a worthy one.

I think you and I hit it off effortlessly, at least I thought so.


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