Tuesday, January 25, 2005


   The joy of "classic" country and western music (30's - 50's) stems from the fact that these performers were quite a bit closer to their roots - Hank Williams tops them all, with Jimmie Rodgers coming in a close second. Some acts, like the Carter family, kept these ties for their entire career. The song that really does it for me is "Dust on the Bible" - Kitty Wells did a stirring rendition in the late fifties. What could top this as a rebuke - "Dust on the Bible! Dust on the Bible!" With the proper delivery, you could shame someone for their fallen ways AND slovenly housekeeping. It just doesn't get any more down-home than that. So if your Bible has been neglected - give it a little "spit-shine", it could save you a world of disgrace.

By Professor Batty


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