Saturday, January 29, 2005

Watch Yourself

A simple concept, but is it possible?

A mirror? You engage in a little play-acting, putting your best appearance forward. A TV camera and monitor? A little better, you get a little disconcerted by the fact that it is NOT a mirror image, you have to adjust your movements in an unnatural way. When that phrase is used as a warning, it can connote anything from a familial concern (“Watch yourself - it's icy here”) to a downright confrontation (“Watch yourself - you are getting out of bounds!”) There might be another way to interpret this phrase, one that has a tie-in with blogging. Most of us that do non-commercial blogging try to leave a pretty good image of ourselves here. When we go back over old posts, you can watch aspects of yourself almost as if you are reading about another person. Certainly my own blog is biased and tends toward the self-serving, (that's part of the fun) but most of us are like that about ourselves anyway. The interesting parts are those things that can slip between the cracks. Maybe the medium is the message, or maybe the message is only a tease, never letting us get any closer to ourselves than we are comfortable with.

By Professor Batty


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