Friday, January 14, 2005

Who’ll Be The Next In Line?

As Dubya’s war in Iraq grinds on, the lack of progress is as notable as is the lack of any perceptible plan or end game. Recent announcements about ending the search for WMDs and the creation in Iraq of a new super-terrorist training state are just the most recent failures of U.S. foreign policy. Dubya’s tardy offer of less than half of his inauguration party budget for tsunami victims met with little outcry from the U.S. media. Its pretty obvious that unless it involves a “sexy” photo-op (Mission accomplished!) our ADD president will flit from one manufactured crisis to another, act irresponsibly, and then move on. No one will stop him.

What’s next up in Dubya's quest to spend his political capital? Cuba would be a tempting target, although the idea of U.S. soldiers killing tourists in a tropical paradise probably wouldn’t play out too well with those countries (mostly U.S. allies) who have invested heavily there. Still, Jeb Bush (GOP prez candidate in 2008?) IS Governor of Florida. North Korea? Nuclear warfare by a certified looney - even Dubya isn't that stupid (I hope.) The sad thing is, Dubya has so much unopposed power, and so little sense, that he could attack ANYONE. During the election, his hacks were making ‘book tours’ touting ideas like ‘France is the enemy.’ (Amazingly, they received unquestioned acceptance in most media markets!) Why not include Spain? Germany? The old song by Ray Davies comes to mind:
“Who’ll be the next in line?
Who’ll make the same mistakes
I made over you?”

By Professor Batty


Anonymous Anonymous said...

CBS has acted strongly and correctly when they had employees who battered their clients with stories that were poorly researched, full of errors and myopic in purpose. Why could the great people of the US have the same courage when it came time to fire and hire?

CUBA?? really, no point. Lift the sanctions and it will become a 51st state on it's own.

Iran, Syria... maybe. Not North Korea.

The real war here is against the American people themselves. Today there was talk of opening up Pell Grant opportunities, this from a man we are going to spend $40,000,000 to protect for ONE DAY. I personally would not spend $40.00 to protect that Texas rose for a year...


Blogger Lady of the lake said...

What can I add when you have said all that is on my mind? With power mad, ADD Dubya, who knows where else his miniscule brain will decide to "ward off the evil"!!

Also, the twit was most likly not able to give immediate reaction to the Tsunami as he was in a drunken stuper on "the ranch".

Blogger Mike said...

see the news today?

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