Saturday, February 19, 2005

Boys And Girls Together

“...Now, children, we’ll play ‘Duck-Duck-Grayduck’, everybody gather ’round in a circle, that’s right, who wants to be the duck?...”

Somehow it was so much easier then. Of course there were problems at times, but these were problems of immaturity, of childhood self-centeredness, not of aggression, spite or meanness. Boys and girls together, playing the simple games of childhood, the girls usually were a little more developed, so in the physical games the sexes were pretty evenly matched.

“... duck-duck blueduck, duck-duck whiteduck, duck-duck greenduck, duck-duck GRAYDUCK!”

When ‘grayduck’ was said the kid under the ‘duck’s’ hand was chosen to run around the circle, chasing the ‘duck’, if that kid could catch the ‘duck’ then the duck had to try again. If the ‘duck’ could get around the circle to the spot where the chosen one came from, then the chosen one was the new ‘duck.’ It was actually more fun to be the ‘duck’, so usually kids allowed themselves to be caught.

   “... O.K. class, playtime is up, time to go in...”

Kids grow up, and play different games. There is still choosing and there is still chasing, and there are still boys and girls, but they don’t often play together in the way they used to. Boys and girls together, playing for the joy of it. When was the last time I played “Duck-Duck-Grayduck?”

By Professor Batty


Blogger Comica said...

Duck Duck grayduck?

That's interesting. My generation's version is Duck Duck Goose, but I like your version better!

Blogger Professor Batty said...

...I KNEW someone would comment about that..."Duck-Duck-Grayduck" is the Minnesota (and western Wisconsin) variation of this game. I always thought the extra wrinkle of the color gave it a little more pizzazz. (Someday I'll do an audiopost of the Minnesota "Happy Birthday" song...)

Blogger Comica said...

One day, when I am finished with the book learnin', I want to travel, and sometime or another, I will find Minnesota. It seems like a different world!

Blogger Professor Batty said...

...the movie "Fargo" is an excellent introduction to the quirky idiosyncracies that constitute the "Minnesota Mind". (Except for all that murder!)We are a mostly harmless people...

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