Thursday, February 24, 2005

Intangible, but Timeless

   Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like to present the last treasure of the human race. It's gone in a heartbeat, and no matter what you say, you cannot have it back, for it isn't like that hardcover Dean Koontz novel, or that bottle of Clinique Happy cologne. Yet, it's still yours, and will always be yours. You just have to know when to give it away, and who deserves to be blessed with it. As I’ve said, it is a treasure, so it’s value will go up, although you may sometimes feel that nobody wants it (kind of like your Ty © Beanie Baby collection that your little sister once dubbed as her “college fund”).

   No, while the novel may produce imagery, and the cologne tickles your nose, this precious gift covers it all. It can produce any image you like and tickle not only your nose, but also your body and soul. Popular myth shows us a child with curly blonde locks, a diaper, and a bow and arrow, but I don’t exactly have him handy. Besides, do you really want a child with a bow and arrow? How long will the gift last? Will it deteriorate like a rusty, uncared for antique? What’s the warranty? Does eternity sound reasonable for you?

   So, what do you say? Will you accept my gift? I think it will absolutely make your day, or millennium.

By Comica


Blogger Professor Batty said...

...the key is 'cared for', an antique gains value if it hasn't been altered or abused...

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