Sunday, March 13, 2005


   The Batty household, when it comes to motor vehicles, is definitely of the bottom-feeder category. Buy 'em used, run 'em into the ground, repeat. When the 95 Tracer blew a head gasket last night, the situation changed. The weaver had been making stirrings for months about getting a new vehicle, it certainly was her turn. Of course, I try to be helpful and suggestive, but really all I am doing is telling her what kind of car I would buy. A BRAND NEW CAR! I can sense all my rational thought processes leaving my brain - all that remains is the thought of A BRAND NEW CAR! A car made in the same decade! A car that won't break down every six months. A - BRAND - NEW - CAR - !

   Then I look at our finances. Somehow the phrase A SOMEWHAT USED CAR! doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

By Professor Batty


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The household just echoed from the sound of my boisterous laughter

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