Saturday, March 05, 2005


In a few days, the mountains will come a-callin’ once again. My mother will brew Starbucks coffee and prepare hot strawberry muffins, Nermal the cat will shed on my black suitcase, and I will stay up late at night playing Pinball on my computer, blasting everything Howard Shore & Queen ever composed (not together!). Though the city grants me the serenity to see the world in a different light, and to truly carpe diem, every now and then, an escape to the countryside is desirable.

Thanks to a friend, Geoff, who lives in a neighboring village, I will arrive home earlier than expected for the long-awaited Spring Break. I faintly recall how I spent Christmas break reading Tolkien and watching the sunrise. This time, I have a special reason to celebrate my vacation.

He is coming. He who I met four years ago and fell in love with. He who I talk to online every night until my eyelids weigh thirty pounds each. He who I left behind when I shouldn’t have. He who has someone else. He who is not happy with this someone else because his feelings for me remain.

My excitement is utterly uncontainable. I have so many stories to share with him, and I’m praying to the gods that I’ll be able to form a complete sentence around him. Four years is such a long time to hold onto a dream (or at least it is to me).

Just like the end of a chapter in a Dan Brown novel, I’m left wondering, “What will happen next?”

By Comica


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