Tuesday, March 01, 2005


… give that laptop a rest and come to bed. What are your looking for anyway?”

What indeed? That is the question. Imaginary friends. A laugh or a smile. Comparing. Other people who are different from me. Other people who are similar to me. Everybody here is searching for something (sweet dreams are made of this?) The sites that grow and evolve over the months. Ideas. The magic in a young girl’s soul. A mother's concern over her children. Sense of it all. Lonely people. Happy people. Miserable people just barely making it. People happy to be just barely making it. Kindred spirits. Someone who reads a post of mine and ‘gets it’. Someone else who reads one of my posts and takes it a little further. Someone who stops my world for a minute. People who expand my life a little bit, one little bit at a time. One little bit at a time.

“I’ll be right there… ”

By Professor Batty


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