Monday, March 14, 2005

Loss Of Innocence

When you have to explain the facts of life to a fellow school-mate at the age of fifteen, it has been too long coming. Johnny and I had come up together through grade school and junior high. We sang “We are climbing Jacob’s ladder” together in summer bible school. But one day, in the summer between junior and senior high, we were having a heart to heart on the playground of the local Catholic school.

“… and so then the man puts his thing in the woman's thing, you know, they’re doing IT, you know and that’s how babies are made.… ”
“My mom and dad never did that!”  He wasn't buying it.
“Of course they did, how else do you think they made babies?”
“I thought they just came naturally.”
“Believe me, it's natural.”

Johnny gave me a disgusted look, and walked away. We never spoke again. I hope he has figured it out by now…

By Professor Batty


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