Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I tote the world in my bag!

As with any urban college student, I am daily plagued with exams, drug dealers, and frisbees thrown by frat boys. Such hassles produce a few premature gray hairs, and looking for an apartment/job is not the easiest task either. Math is a cruel little dog, nipping at my heels. Most friendly-looking stores won't hire a person with my amount of job experience (zilch), and I can't gain any experience unless I'm hired (Catch 22!). A few floormates have misplaced DVD's of mine. My roomie's parents dislike the fact that I'm not Christian, and they firmly believe me to be a horrible influence on their only child. I tell ya', as many goat sacrifices as I've put her through, she still won't convert! Everyone's ill from either Spring Fever or Hay Fever. I haven't slept in days in favor of caffeine and textbooks.


Despite the chaos, I now carry something with me that brings inspiration and stirs curiosity to all that see it. Thanks to the kindness of a Minnesotan, I can carry my heavy schoolbooks with pride. Here's to Professor Batty, who has shown me that the world is never completely clouded over with gloom and doom. I salute you sir, and your token of esteem means more to me than you'll ever know.

By Comica


Blogger Professor Batty said...

...weren't they supposed to be VIRGIN sacrifices?..

Blogger Comica said...

maybe virgin goats?
I'm not sure, the pages involving volcanoes and sacrifices tend to stick together...

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