Monday, May 16, 2005

The Door

Come. The door is open.
We'll cross the threshold
Through that door. The bed awaits.
The bed is inviting, even
more so than he

Now is the time.
This event was
Years in the making

We've waited long enough.
Someone knows what he's doing
and I think I know it too

I won't pull you in.
Am I pushing him
or is he pulling me?

In or out, it's up to you.
Should I? Will I? Why wouldn't I?
The door is open.
We'll cross the threshold
You said you wanted to, now you don't.
Where's my confidence?
Uncompromised virgin.
I am virgin, see me shudder
Uncompromised you will remain- virgin you will not.
I won't let him see me wince
Or will you?
I want this, I think...
We've already begun.

By Comica and

By Professor Batty


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Collaboration is fun!

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