Sunday, May 08, 2005

Farmer Me

Yup, took in the first hay of the season today. That bare spot on the south acreage isn't getting any better, s'pose I'll git some fertilizer in there or nothing will grow. My spread is not so big as some, I can get my hayin' done in 'bout an hour. The old Toro does a nice job. Big thunderstorm brewin', guess it taint the smartest time to be on the computer...the rabbits t'were into the garden this spring, munchin' on the veggies...Ma! You seen my .22? Well, I'll sign off now, afore the next bolt of lightnin'... ZKX#W?@ZZZZZAP!

By Professor Batty


Blogger Comica said...

I'm suddenly back home!!!!

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