Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Nearly Naked

Now this kind of summer weather I like! Mid 80's, a little breeze, a little humidity - I can strut about Flippist World Headquarters™ in my short-shorts and nothing else. If it were not for the Weaver's presence not even in those. I wonder if Adam and Eve ever had wardrobe issues?

Eve: You're not going to go cavorting through the garden looking like THAT are you?
Adam: I feel pretty, oh so pretty...OUCH! Miserable mosquitoes...
Eve: Humph! Serves you right, now go get one of those fig leaves and put it on! Have you no shame?
Adam: Shame? What's that?
Eve: Never mind...are you hungry? I gathered some fruit...
Adam: Umm! Yum! (smack-slobber) ...oh dear! I'm naked!
Eve: Ha! Ha! Ha! Men are such foolish creatures!
God: What's going on?
Eve: Ouch, my heel!
Adam: Oooh, my head aches.
God: Beat it, you two.
Eve: He never takes me anywhere.
Adam: Damm.
Eve: I wonder if these leaves make me look fat?
Adam: I-YI-YI!


By Professor Batty


Blogger Lady of the lake said...

I think shoes are all a person needs, actually. Prevents the "ouch" outdoors.

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