Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Ride, Fool, Ride...

The Ranger One Speed (that one speed would be slow) has been getting a workout lately. 13 ½ miles, each way, between home and work. Each summer it becomes a little harder for me to get into bike commuter shape, but it's worth it. I'm not yet to century land (100 miles in a day), but I should be able to do a hundred miles per week. Long distance cycling is a curious pursuit. If you can escape urban traffic, you can attain some sort of mental state akin to heightened awareness. Certainly your senses are sharpened, and the wildlife along the road is more perciveable- if your bike is quiet enough you can get along side deer, fox, coyotes and other critters in the ditch before they are aware of you. I've often wondered what they think when they sight a scrawny human astride his pile of shiny sticks, whirring past, not hunting, not fleeing, never stopping- those humans must be crazy!
Yet ever still we pedal on. The most efficient mode of ground transportation ever devised and it's good for you too. (Was it good for you too?) I love my bike! (And if I did manage to cycle 100 round trips this year, I would save about $200 worth of gas!) Stay tuned...

By Professor Batty


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