Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Up On Cripple Creek

  In the mountains around Cripple Creek Colorado are a lot of old mines and the associated works. This part of Colorado was settled by miners in the 19th century, all looking to 'strike it rich', few did. Just a little below this site is the town of Cripple Creek, with its casinos and tourist shops. (where yours truly once stopped to eat, put his change from the meal into a nearby slot and walked out $80 richer!) Now the tourists and seniors' buses pull up and they are 'mined' for their silver and gold. Whenever the price of gold jumps, someone will try to open up an old mine, that lode is just a little further, don'tcha know?

   We're all a little like that miner, finding a vein in the form of a job or career, working it until it no longer pays out or we've had enough. Once in a while someone gets lucky, there is such a thing as a 'free lunch', I guess, but not very often. It's the activity itself that brings rewards- as long as it isn't too hard. And is there any job harder that mining?

By Professor Batty


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