Saturday, June 04, 2005

A Yard Made For Cats

On this beautiful late spring evening, the temptation to sit on the front porch with my crossword puzzle and a glass of merlot is too great to resist. As the dusk deepens, I put down my paper and await the evenings visitors- the neighborhood cats, one by one, on their evening prowl, the bolder ones will come onto the porch, the more timid will stay under one of the the burning bushes that flank the path from the sidewalk to our front door. The yard is elevated, only about a foot or so, the bricks that define its perimeter are a highway for these felines as they make their rounds in the deepening gloom. All the plants become backdrops- an ars noveau tableaux for their silhouettes. A sudden movement in the shadows reveals yet another soul, sharing this pleasant evening with you.

By Professor Batty


Blogger Comica said...

It's amazing how accurately you've described the imagery outside on my own porch during the summer months. Salute!

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