Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The End Of Love

Is there an end to love? Is it a fixed amount, a spiral to an ultimate dead end? Or is it a continuum, on and on, renewing and regenerating itself? Perhaps it is like an organism, a parasite in a symbiotic relationship with the host, with each partner getting some benefit from each other.

Love needs something to grow in, a culture, so to speak. It needn't be a beautiful garden, although it will thrive there quite nicely. Love is tough, it can grow between the cracks in an urban sidewalk, it can live in the harshest desert. But it will die in a poisonous environment. It can be broken, the cruel twists of time and fate can stop it prematurely. But the end of love, its ultimate destiny, is that inevitable?

God is love, so some will say. God can have an odd way of showing love, if that is indeed the case. All is love, if so then why are so many without it? Is love real? It's as real as you can feel it. If each of us is the result of love, and each of us has an end, then there is a personal end to love.

By Professor Batty


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