Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Simple Pleasures

On my recent vacation, the Weaver and I rode the Root River Bike Trail in southern Minnesota. A few things noted:

The Amish girls in their bonnents and long dresses (in 90 degree heat), with fishing gear, going down to the Root. They looked natural and fitting for this environment.

The smiles on the faces of all the bikers on the path. A lot of these people hadn't been on a bike in years. There was a look of freedom in their faces completely unlike the grim, sad look of most motorists.

The odd little service shops that spring up along the way. A day spa/massuse service in the little town of Whalan (Pop. 34) across the way from a pie shop. No corporate francishes here.

Miles of roads with no cars. You don't realized how annoying vehicles can be until you return to "civilization".

How easy it is to forget about work, debt, and taxes when you are enjoying these 'simple pleasures'.

By Professor Batty


Blogger Comica said...

sounds like a Utopia! I'm sure there are some Amish girls in those perfect societies right? As long as they're catching huge bass that is.

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