Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Batty Abhors A Vacuum...

...cleaner. After completely trashing my basement this summer I am finally at the clean-up stage. With piles of sawdust, rust flakes and other furnace debris, I thought that the old shop-vac in the garage would be the right tool for the job. Basically just a ten-gallon barrel with a high power fan to provide suction mounted on the lid. I took out the "wet" filter (a spongy ring) and put in the "dry" one (made of filter paper. I started to clean and was really "getting down" with it. Then I looked up. The dry filter had burst, and a huge cloud of dust had entirely filled the basement.

I went and got the "good" vacuum, a Panasonic with a HEPA filter, and started over. Of course, this time I had to first pick up all the screws, wires, snips of sheet metal, etc., BY HAND so that I didn't ruin the vacuum's motor.

If someone could actually invent a worm-hole in space, I would want that baby mounted on the end of a nozzle, so that all the dust that I "bust" went somewhere else in the universe (the universe is over 95% dust- so a little more wouldn't hurt.) I say! Maybe someone has done it already- and their worm-hole is discharging in my basement!

UPDATE: I'll admit that this is not exactly the most exciting post. For someone who had a much better weekend go here.

By Professor Batty


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