Monday, August 22, 2005

I Remember Everything

I remember everything.
No, that cannot be...
I remember beauty, and truth, and the magic in a young woman's smile...
It is a trick, my friend, a trick of the mind.
Are you saying that it isn't so, that it never was?
It is all an illusion, my friend, an illusion.
No, that cannot are no friend of mine, you seek to destroy the goodness in my life.
Your version of truth is the illusion. You are the void, nothingness.
It isn't just me- the ancients, the holy books...they all say the same thing...
The Psalms of David is the only holy book that ever got it right, the others missed the poetry, replacing it with withered dogma.
You are wrong.
And if I am, then what will have I lost? Nothing. What will I gain if you are right? Nothing. I remember everything. I remember that people need hope to live. And what is the real alternative?

By Professor Batty


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