Tuesday, August 30, 2005

"The Lethal-Wish Foundation...

...so make your donation today!"
-WHAT WAS THAT I JUST HEARD ON THE RADIO? There is a lethal-wish foundation? Run by Pat (love thy enemies) Robertson, no doubt...hmmmm, let me see, who would I pick? Some smarmy third-world dictator? Naaah, no one would notice, just a small box on the 23rd page of the New York Times...Dubya? No, I prefer to see him get his comeuppance slowly, inexorably, until all his drunken frat-boy smugness is squeezed out of him, in as a humiliating fashion as possible. Maybe some venal Commander of Industry- but where would one stop? Just who is a bad guy any more? Saddam Hussien? An underwear model! Osama Bin Laden? He has already gone into the martyr-icon phase, it really doesn't matter if he is dead or not. Tony Danza? Oh, sorry, that one slipped out. I don't know, I'll just tune to some other station...
"Yes, you too can help a terminally ill child with the MAKE-A-WISH FOUNDATION...",


Mea Culpa.

I didn't really mean it, Mr. Danza.

By Professor Batty


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