Friday, August 19, 2005

The Man

"So, I heard that you went to the big rally today."
"Yeah I was there, a big crowd, all there to see The Man"
"What'd he say? Anything new?"
"Nothing new, ...stay the course, freedom, democracy..."
"How was the crowd reaction?"
"Oh, about the same as always I guess, maybe a little less enthusiastic than before."
"Did you get close, did you shake his hand?"
"I got right next to him, as close as I am to you."
"So you shook his hand?"
"Why not? He's The Man!"
"There was something on his hands."
"Something? Like what? Dirt? Food? Talcum?"
"No. Something red."
"Red? Like paint, or lipstick, or jelly?"
"No. It was blood."
"Didn't he try to wipe it off?"
"He didn't know it was there..."

By Professor Batty


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