Thursday, August 18, 2005

Not Dirty Enough

So I biked to and from work the other day. It isn't anything special, I've been doing it a lot this year. When I got home I was pretty ripe, so I showered and dressed in clean clothes. About 9 pm I felt that something wasn't right. I tried to read, tried to watch TV. Nothing doing. I just wasn't comfortable in my skin, as it were. I went down to the basement to work on the ductwork some more. (I'd better get it done before it freezes next month!) I was running a particularly awkard cold air return run and was really getting into it. Then I knew what was wrong. I had been too clean. I need the grit and dust of remodeling to balance my ying with my yang. I finshed the duct, and was then ready to properly wash up and get ready for bed. Not dirty enough. Who'd a thunk it?

P.S. The above was written last week. Today I got home early, took a nap and did the same thing again. Curse this Protestant Work Ethic!

By Professor Batty


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