Tuesday, August 09, 2005

One Hundred Gifts A Day

Went to a birthday party Saturday, I guess it was partially for me, although I've pretty much given up on my personal birthday scene. It is fun to get a gift out of the blue though, and I get plenty of those. A smile, a hug, or just an unstated shift in body language that says: "It's good to be here with you." Girls in their summer clothes. The chirping of small children as they play. The ferals, who tolerate me, watch me with interest, and don't hiss. An e-mail from the other side of the world with an unexpected (and funny) joke. A small job offer. A neighborhood group meeting where someone opens up with me one-on-one. A sense of well-being, if only for a minute or two. A bike ride through the prairie grass with the fiery sun sinking in the west. The skinny moon appearing after the sun goes down. One hundred gifts a day, given with no thought of a return. Thanks.

By Professor Batty


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