Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Rollerblade Girl

Usually, when I visit the feral cats, I'm by myself. The cats don't like a crowd, they barely tolerate me. On one occasion, as I was leaving, I met a couple of girls on rollerblades. They saw me with Buster (who is the one feral who does like to get his head scratched) and started a conversation. They asked about the cats, if they were pets (no not really), if I fed them (some times, not all the time), how often I came here (oh, whenever), and if I had accepted the Lord Jesus as my personal savior.

Oh my. I try not to get involved in conversations like this, I have had quite enough of them for a lifetime (starting when I was about their age, by some coincidence.) I mentioned that Jesus was OK by me, but Christianity was really founded and defined by Paul. I opined to them that Paul was really not a very good man. I don't think they were up to a session of comparative early Christian beliefs, but I did indulge them. We talked some more, and then I mentioned that Jesus had never married, that I think anyone who had not been involved in a complete, committed relationship may be somewhat deficient in his life experience. One of the girls was getting a little nervous at the direction the conversation was taking. The other girl, who was emerging as the leader, reiterated her faith.

How does a mature man talk theology to a 16 year-old girl in short-shorts wearing rollerblades? She must be old enough to know of the lies and lusts and deceits of men, of the inequality and repression inherent in the sex roles of most cultures? How the largest Christian faith has absolutely no place of power in its hierarchy for women? She may have been naive, but who was I to shatter her faith? I knew that faith was really a great comfort to her.

They finally did say goodbye, and as they skated off I was left with a feeling of incompleteness. There was a clash of idea systems there that afternoon. Nothing was resolved, no one had a change of heart.
The cats, perhaps wiser than me, said nothing.

By Professor Batty


Blogger lab munkay said...

I was always under the impression that during that time and social climate, it was the Christians who treated the women as partners and not objects. I wonder what Ruth, Ester, Deborah, and Martha, and even Jezabel would say on the power issue? Think I'll put on my daisey dukes, and find some unsuspecting guy to discuss this with.

Blogger Professor Batty said...

...yes, I sense that also, and the old testament women you mentioned had more of an impact than those in the new- poor Martha, gets rebuked from JC just for asking for a little help with the dishes! Something happened between then and now...

Blogger Dondi said...

Hello Professor...I totally loved this entry...but I must say that I do not think that 16 year old girls are "old enough to know of the lies and lusts and deceits of men..." having been a 16 year old girl in a past life and a 16 year old big city urban dweller at that. It took a few more years before I had the experiences with the lies and lusts and deceits of men...especially old men. I could tell you a few stories some time.

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