Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Save Tara!

I've never been much for activism. Usually, you see me as one of those people that read disheartening news articles about sweatshops, but it never goes beyond that. I shake my head, I feel pity, and I finish my coffee.

Earlier this summer, I found an article that had been posted many months before stating that Tara, located northwest of Dublin and the seat of Irish kings from ancient times until the sixth century A.D., was in trouble. Okay, so the planned highway isn't going to go THROUGH Tara, but it will be in close vicinity.

I'm sure it would be a nice daily experience for an Irish businessman driving past; a beautiful bit of scenery in his otherwise hectic world. Yet, it makes me think that the treasure of having this ancient site, when so many have disappeared, will be cheapened somewhat with the appearance of a modern convienience.

I wrote a polite letter to the Irish gov't, or more specifically, to Mr. Dick Roche, T.D., Minister of the Environment, Heritage, and Local Government, to state my opinion on the subject. Today I received a response as polite and formal as my letter saying that the Minister had received my letter and the contents have been noted.

Noted and what? Were they laughed at? Thrown away quickly in the garbage? I feel as though my small effort may have been in vain, but it's instilled an urge for activism in even the most insignificant of causes.

Anyone else in the mood for a peaceful protest?

By Comica


Blogger Lola said...

I'm in!!!!

Blogger Comica said...

Excellent, you bring the marshmellows and I'll bring the 100% cotton T-Shirts with fierce writing on it!

Blogger Miss Templeton said...

Good to see this news is getting out and about. There was a petition and I did spread it around various Yahoo groups too. As I remember, Tara -- like most archaeological sites -- is just THIS building or THAT dig but a whole significant piece of landscape. The road goes right through the lot of that.

Blogger Miss Templeton said...

Sorry. I meant "ISN'T just THIS building... etc."

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