Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Light

"...and she continued to walk down the country road, away from the yardlight in the farmyard, the darkness ahead was absolute. Finally, all light was gone- with only the texture of the gravel indicating the road beneath her feet."

Trillions of trillions of photons. Each day, we are awash in them, surrounding us and defining our existence. Then night falls, and with it so does the actinic shower. Our retinal receptors are quite efficient, but in a deep forest, or a cloudy night away from civilization, the levels drop further, until a profound blackness is acheived. Moving about in such a state, perceptions merge with imagination, and the world becomes ancient, with the goblins, trolls and other creatures of the night regaining their power over us. Will we return to such an exististence? Will the lights go out on us for good? Will the night again become a cloak, with our fears lurking in its folds? When the lights go out, much is lost. But other things are found.

By Professor Batty


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