Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Some projects take longer than others.
Some projects are brief, intense workouts of mind and spirit.
Some projects are open-ended, never really coming to an end.
But all of them have, each in their own way, the element of pressure.
Forces, some external, some internal, have a way of building up.
And then the project, be it Herculean or miniscule, is over.
And the pressure relents. Even if it was so subtle that one could scarcely notice it, when it is gone its absence makes itself known.

I hung the show Monday morning; as I was picking up my tools and boxes the interested came trickling in. People asked questions, about the photos, about Iceland, about Audi, and seemed to enjoy themselves. Nobody said "This sucks!" Several expressed interest in the opening reception. As I was leaving, a young woman, with her book bag over her shoulder, was looking at the first photo. Then she stopped, and read one of Audi's posts. Carefully. Then the next photo, then the next post. At least one person had connected. The show is a success.

Decompression now underway.

By Professor Batty


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