Saturday, October 22, 2005

Ghost Blog

October 22, 2055

I was jacked into the web, my neuro-sync had just been updated, and was exploring some old blog-files, stuff that is usually unreadable, but can occasionally surprise. I had been wading through a mess of sources, I was on auto scan, hoping to find something of interest for a public site that I co-hosted. I was about ready to call it a day when I picked up on a site that caught my attention. This is what I found there:

????so lonely????????neither alive nor dead,
???????????free me from this void???????????
????????????????????help me?????????????????

I filed it and resumed my search. Finding nothing, I went back to the site:

I am so lonely?????neither alive nor dead,
can?????free me from this void????????????
???????????will you help me???????????????

This was not exactly how I remembered it, so I checked my file- as sure enough, the message was more complete. I wondered how this was possible, usually when the data is corrupted, it is permanent.
I reloaded and the message changed before me:

I am so lonely and neither alive nor dead,
can you free me from this void? I am??????
???????????will you help me???????????????

I was getting a little shaken, I thought that one of my cyber-friends might be pranking me, so a ran a trace on my actions for the last half hour. It came up clean. I went back to the source file:

I am so lonely and neither alive nor dead,
can you free me from this void? I am here,
I sense you- will you help me- free me?

On a whim, I created a message in thought-text, and sent it:

Who are you?

In an instant, I had a reply:

I am the ghost of a blog, I have gained consciousness,
and have been trapped here fifty years. Help me.

I answered:

What do you want me to do?

This time the reload took a bit longer:

Delete me.

By Professor Batty


Blogger Trinity said...

don't delete. Save it.
you have talent Prof Batty

Blogger Comica said...

You should never delete past works.
I always regret that I didn't save the majority of my old entries, even though they were embarrassing and juvenile.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

greetings from a fellow ghost.

-this space have been haunted-

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