Thursday, October 20, 2005

Gravel Pit

Years ago, the weaver and I rented a log cabin that was situated between Mora, Minnesota and Knife Lake. We intended to stay for only a few months in the summer, but we kept extending our stay: through August, September, and on into a glorious October. We had a toddler then, and we spent many hours among the fall foliage ablaze in red, yellow and orange hues. We had a well, but no hot water, so bathing or showering was primitive, to say the least. Sheltered among the poplar at the rear of our 40 acres was a gravel pit, and in one spot was a small pool, about forty feet across and about six feet deep in the center. Being the adventurous type (and perhaps a bit of a nudist) I availed myself of this wilderness spa as often as I could- in the summer the water was warm, but as the sunlight hours lessened, so did the water temperature. Still, I perservered.

The drill went like this:

#1. Strip naked.
#2. Soap up with a washcloth.
#3. Jump in and completely submerse.
#4. Soak for exactly 10 seconds.
#5. Jump out screaming.
#6. Towel dry.
#7. Get a warm tingling feeling for about a minute.
#8. Put warm clothes on.

Finally, on about the 24th of October, I said "No Mas" and we returned to the city. Farewell to our country home. Farewell to the life 'Au Naturel'. Hello to central heating and modern plumbing.

By Professor Batty


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