Saturday, October 29, 2005

Saturday Clean-Up

Working in the basement is always a good source of conflicting feelings about personal possessions. After moving boxes and boxes of stuff, and a whole library card catalog full of cassettes and all the other electronic gear, the urge to chuck it all arises. And those vinyl LPs! Two hundred pounds weight, at least! And then, while putting them away, they regain their worth- Patsy Cline Live, Sam Cooke (with the Soul Stirrers), Wild Man Fischer! A lot of these have never been put on CD, some are worth keeping just for the covers (Julie London!). And then there are the amplifiers, and all other misc. electronics (Anybody need a 3000 Watt PA system?) Ok, there are still a few projects left to wrap up.
A good winter's worth of things to do. And what about that metal detector? It could be used to see if the rocks in the Professor's head have any precious metals in them. I'll start tomorrow.

By Professor Batty


Blogger Our Fanny said...

My LPs were caught in a flood when the furnace went out and the water heater burst... I can save the records, but the covers have all been ruined... give your LPs a hug for me (*sigh*) xxxo

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