Monday, November 28, 2005

The Confession

"Father forgive me for I have sinned..."
-"...And haven't been to confession for quite some time, as well."
"Yes I've fallen away, but I need your counsel now."
-"Speak then, make known your sins."
"My sin is of desire."
-"Lusts of the flesh are common, the Devil has many snares..."
"No, my desire is not that of a base urge."
-"But it is a woman that you desire, yes?"
"A woman it is, but it is not the want of carnal union that is my transgression."
-"But surely when you see her, you want to touch her, to possess her..."
"Father, I have never seen her."
-"What is this, a joke, a dream?"
"A dream perhaps, not a joke."
-"A movie star? Some magazine model?"
"A star, but not that many would know it..."
-"Regardless of who it is, this kind of thing is best left for a schoolboy's infatuation. Let it go."
"I have father, and that is what torments me."
-"Three Hail Mary's and I want to see you at mass tomorrow. Go, and sin no more..."
"Thank you, father."

By Professor Batty


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