Friday, November 04, 2005

The Hidden Room

I have a recurring dream of a hidden room.
The house has an attic, enormous and unfinished.
Looking carefully, I see a panel that opens into a room.
Sometimes this room is furnished with cast-offs from a previous owner.
Sometimes it is very neat- with tiles on the floor and walls.
And sometimes there is a trap door in the ceiling
that leads to another, smaller room.
Its so cozy, with an easy chair, books and a lamp.
A perfect hideaway.
On other occasions the hidden room is found in the basement.
In a corner, past a cluttered workbench with the floor
sloping down, with only a bare light bulb showing the way.
Ending at an underground stream.
I have a recurring dream of a hidden room.
A place in my mind that needs exploring.

By Professor Batty


Blogger DD said...

very poetic, until the last line I thought a place in your mind to hide.

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