Tuesday, November 08, 2005

New Slogans

As the more critical reader may have noticed, there is no catchy slogan or phrase on the Flippism Is The Key masthead. In giving the matter some thought the problem is thus; Flippism is not intended to be limited by definition or defined by limits. Still, the lure of a snappy catch-phrase is too strong to resist:
"Some Posts Are Better Than Others" -not exactly stirring...but true!
"Dispensing Wisdom And Whimsy Since 2004" -Neither stirring nor true.
"E Pluribus Unum" -now where have I heard that one before?
"It's Worth What You Paid For It" -does one's time count?
"Well, It's Different" -I hope so!
"It's Better Than Watching TV" -in the eye of the beholder...
"No Carbs! No Fat! No Calories!" -no content?
"Minor Philosophy In A Major Key" -too clever by half...
"You Could Be Reading A Book" -you already are...

By Professor Batty


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