Sunday, November 27, 2005

Summer Room

The side porch off the kitchen is cold now. All spring and summer and into the fall (as long as it stays warm enough), our house is about 100 square feet bigger when that "summer room" is used. Breakfast taken in the morning sun is a day brightener that is sorely missed in the dark season. I look out the window and it looks the same, there's even an unfinished Sunday crossword (from September) lying on the sofa, waiting for the last few answers to be filled in. The coasters are in place on the end tables next to the benches, each eager to support a a steaming cup of coffee.

It isn't the room's fault. It's just that I'm such a wimp. When I stayed in Reykjavík in March, the breakfast room in the guesthouse had a door open, it was about 0 degrees C... It didn't bother me a bit- (the secret word is layers.) But I'd just rather crank up the thermostat and sit in the kitchen. When I get the next gas bill, I might have to rethink my approach.

By Professor Batty


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