Friday, December 30, 2005


   The report from the focus group is in.

   They have been scrutinizing Flippism Is The Key in all its aspects- Form, Content, Typography, Target Audience- and the changes will start January 1st. You can expect more of the hard-hitting stories that will make you smile and break your heart. You will have in-depth interviews with the latest teen singing sensations, all the dirt from Hollywood, and papparazzi photos of Lab Munkay with Brad Pitt at their secret Stillwater hideaway! There will be video applets of dancing feral cats, and a list of the six people you will meet in heaven. There will be coupons for half-price airfares and a chance to win a U3 model iPod (One better than a U2 model!) My grizzled visage will be replace by a computer-generated, sexually ambigous cyborg- that sings! The new motto will be: "A party in every posting."

   Tune in Sunday for all the latest...

By Professor Batty


Blogger lab munkay said...

"He-he, Angelina baby! Look! We even have Batty fooled. Now Brad get these kids outta here already will ya. Now Ang and I are double excited to see the ball drop."

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