Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Ain't Got the Blues

Bob was a blues guitarist. That is a pretty tough life, even for the best of them. Bob played in a moderately successful band, working out of the midwest. Legend has it that Belushi and Akroyd formed the "Blues Brothers" after seeing that group play years ago, in NYC. One day Bob got some news. He had come from out east originally, estranged from his family so the story went, and he had finally come into his inheritance. Bill, the bassist, asked him how much he got. Bob wouldn't say, only that part of the estate was a city block in downtown Boston. Bob went up to Pat, the leader of the group, and said: "I'm sorry Pat, but I've got to leave the band."
Pat asked him if it was because of the money.

"Not exactly Pat, but you could say that I just ain't got the blues anymore."

By Professor Batty


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