Saturday, January 14, 2006

Beth Ann

A party at Beth Ann's. She had moved up from Iowa to attend school, or to get off the farm, or both. We met when she asked me why my beard was red while my hair was brown. I told her that my pubic hair was red too. Not the best answer, but true. She was lonely I guess, as lonely as I was, and we did become friends, in sort of a "safe" way. After I fell for Robin she was still there too, there were about a half-dozen of us, the semi-attached, who would meet in the cafeteria. Beth had a place, an apartment, with a couple of roommates. They threw a party and I went with a couple of my buddies. Robin was there too.

After the party warmed up a bit, she took me aside, into the bathroom, and got all smiley, and then real close. I kept backing up, finally falling into the bathtub. For being the advanced age of twenty, I was still pretty dense. We went back to the party.

The next day she cornered me, and told me how disgusted she was that my friends had peed all over the bathroom floor. She was right. My friends at that time were pretty crude. But I sensed she really was disgusted in me, that I didn't pick up on her signals. I wanted Robin, not her.

Years later, we met again. She was an artist,
She wanted me to shoot some of her work for her portfolio. We embraced, and again I felt her need, and again I could not respond.
I did the job, and we departed as friends.

I never peed on anyone's floor.

By Professor Batty


Blogger lab munkay said...

As a chick who's floor has been peed on,I aplaud you.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

happens to me all the time.


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